The CC MP asks the government minister to explain the use of an earlier video in a report

Civic Community MP (CC) Enrique Urquidi demanded that government minister Eduardo Del Castillo explain the use of “false audiovisual information” at the hearing in order to request an oral report to be submitted to a commission in the Chamber of Deputies the circumstances in which Corporal Miguel Ángel Quispe died in the Yungas area.

“We condemn that the government minister Eduardo del Castillo used false audiovisual information in the oral report we requested of the death of Corporal Miguel Ángel Quispe Nina in the area of ​​Yungas, we demand a public statement, the public deserves nothing more.” lies Minister, you have the floor, “said the legislature who requested the report.

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Minister Del Castillo, in his report to the Commission on Government, Defense and Armed Forces of the Chamber of Deputies, presented a video with images corresponding to an event that happened in the Yungas in 2020, as if they were from July of this year as the policeman Miguel Ángel Quispe died, said the journalist from the area, Galo Huebner.

On September 7, the government minister participated in a request by MP Urquidi of the Civic Community for a report on the circumstances in which Cape Quispe in the Yungas area died amid a conflict between two sides of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca).

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Journalist Galo Hubner from FMBolivia radio in the Yungas area said that “there is no place to get lost”, thus assuring that the pictures shown by Minister Del Castillo did not reflect the events of July 2021.

“These are images that were taken in late August 2020 when there was a conflict in the industry over coca cultivation, but it does not correspond to the alleged events of July 3 that the minister says where a police officer died,” said Hubner on the Compañera radio.


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