The Brazilian variant dominated the third wave and the Mu variety comes into the country

Health Minister Jeyson Auza reported Tuesday that the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus (area) was the dominant one in the country’s third wave of coronavirus, while the entry of the Colombian variant mu into Bolivia was reported.

“There is the interesting Lambda variant (C37 or Andina), which was discovered in departments such as Oruro and Potosí. The occurrence of variant B.1.621 was also found, which was recently cataloged as an interesting variant MU, which has been detected in at least 39 countries, ”said Auza at a press conference.

Auza confirmed that Inlasa sequencing analysis detected the presence of the worrying gamma or P1 variant previously reported in our country and that it was the predominant one from April to June 2021.

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“The country has performed a sequence analysis and Inalasa results have been validated by laboratories in Argentina and Germany,” he said.

Inlasa invested 1.5 million euros in the sequencing equipment for the variants.


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