The autopsy shows that a child who died in Plan 3000 suffered from chronic heart disease

The autopsy of the 12-year-old boy who died this morning in Plan 3000 (Santa Cruz de la Sierra) found that his death was due to natural causes as he suffered from chronic heart disease.

In this way it was ruled out that this death was related to the clashes that occurred last night between those who were mobilized against Law 1386 and “shock groups” of the MAS.

Prosecutor Marioly Tórrez reported that “the minor was born with an underlying disease and family members confirmed this.

Death was natural, ”he said in media recorded statements this morning.

The forensic report indicated that the minor’s body showed no evidence of violence, confirming that the death was due to chronic heart disease.

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The boy died while walking with his family in the Plan 3000 area, passed out and passed out, and arrived lifeless at the hospital where he was cared for. “He was walking around the area and passed out. His parents knew about their son’s condition,” she said.

The prosecution did not investigate, and the body was turned over to his family for concealment.

This death resulted in misinformation as it was said that he died as a result of the police gassing.

Santa Cruz Department Commander Marcelo Álvaro Flores rejected this version at a press conference and confirmed that the autopsy revealed the minor died of chronic heart disease.

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In a statement, the ombudsman questioned the disinformation in social networks and in the mass media about this death, “which tends to deepen polarization and unrelenting positions in the context of social conflict”.


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