The OAS audit revealed 12 actions aimed at manipulating the results of the 2019 elections

On Monday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office activated the review of the observed minutes of the 2019 parliamentary elections. The task is to determine whether or not there was an election fraud that was denounced at the time.

The aim of this mission will be “act by act” in an act of “democracy and truth”, both aspects which, in the opinion of the Chief Prosecutor Wilfredo Chávez, were violated during the crisis of 2019 and 1980.

“Starting today, we will check whether these protocols were the product of deception. Whether or not these people who signed the protocol were deceived, or where the fraud is, if in fact there was no fraud,” he said during the act.

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A closed network application that connects to the Records Database Management System is used for the development of this thesis.

There will be special logistics for the verification of the records by computer science students of the last year of the Public University of El Alto (UPEA) and the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA); the database of the plurinational electoral body is used.

The process begins with tables from abroad in which irregularities were also complained about. Chavez assured that the verification process will have legal effect on subsequent proceedings before the judiciary.

“Don’t come to us that it wasn’t a coup, that’s why we organized this act in truth and justice, that’s why we’re telling the country that we want to see it act by act, analyze act by act, and we’re going to be in this an act of commemoration to meet those of about 40 people who lost their lives after the coup, “he added.

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Chavez suggested that people or institutions wishing to participate could gather information about the work started that Monday.


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