The arrival of 500,000 cans of Sinopharm is delayed due to logistics problems at Beijing Airport

A new batch of 500,000 doses of Sinopharm was scheduled to arrive in the country these days, but will experience a “brief delay” due to logistical inconvenience at Beijing Airport, China, and it is expected that this can be resolved by next week.

The Vice Minister for Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamin Blanco, reported that the Asian country’s airport was “closed” and the vaccine depots were not available due to this situation.

“It is a short delay that we will have with the Sinopharm vaccines, but we must stress that we have already received a considerable amount of vaccines in our country, we still have to collect 3.3 million,” he said.

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Blanco stated that it is investigating that a larger amount of grout can be transported on the following flights to compensate for the delay in this batch.

He hopes that the problems in the air terminal can be resolved in the next few days and assures that it is not a problem of the Bolivian government or the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm.


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