The Argentine Air Force says the 70,000 cartridges sent to Bolivia have not been declared

The Argentine Air Force claimed that the 70,000 counterinsurgency cartridges allegedly sent to Bolivia on November 12, 2019 were not registered.

In a report to the commercial criminal judge Javier López Biscayart about the permission to leave the shipment, the military institute announced that “the 70,000 cartridges were not declared”.

According to the Clarín newspaper, Judge López Biscayart signed a series of official letters to obtain all of the records of the case. Among them, he ordered that the original of the letter, which allegedly arrived at the Argentine embassy in the plurinational state of Bolivia on November 15, 2019, be presented.

The person in charge of the air brigade of the Argentine Air Force (El Palomar International Airport) was asked on November 12, 2019 for the certificates of the flight permit of the Hercules C-130 aircraft; as well as the film recordings corresponding to the day in which the moment the aircraft was loaded can be observed.

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The Air Force handed over the flight recordings to the court. Including the freight manifest “in which it was stated that the 70,000 denounced cartridges had not been declared”.

According to the complaint, there is a discrepancy between what was declared in the first weeks of November 2019 and what was transported in a Hercules plane that left El Palomar airport with a group of eleven members of the Alacrán de la Gendarmería special group.

It concerns alleged heavy arms smuggling, in which former President Mauricio Macri and former ministers Patricia Bullrich (security) and Oscar Aguad (defense) are charged on the basis of the complaint from the state government.

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In addition to Macri and the former ministers, the case of Normando Álvarez García, former Argentine ambassador to Bolivia, is being investigated; Jorge Dávila, former Director General of the Customs Office; and Eugenio Cozzi, former executive director of ANMaC – the exRENAR, the authority that authorized the shipment of the material.

The scandal surrounding the dispatch of alleged “war material” exploded more than two weeks ago when an alleged letter of thanks – dated 13th, to the Argentine ambassador Normando Álvarez for the provision of “war material”.


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