The ALP mixed commission will deal with the trials against Áñez from Wednesday

The Legislative Assembly’s Joint Multiple Jurisdiction Commission will begin this Wednesday to deal with the four liability claims against former President Jeanine Añez, said Andrés Flores MP (MAS), a member of the above-mentioned Legislative Body, on Monday.

The pro-government MP reported that to date about 20 accountability claims filed between 2004 and 2021 have been approved and that they are “sleeping” on the mixed judicial commission for their respective treatment and approval.

“Today we have approved all (the required procedures) and now comes the new procedure that was presented against Ms. Jeanine Añez in 2021 and that is being discussed, we did not come to cover up or pursue our interests, we want” in ours Country meet. Our President (of the Commission) will be discussed within this week, possibly on Wednesday these liability procedures will be discussed, ”said Flores.

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There are currently four calls in the Legislative Assembly for a process of accountability against Añez, who is already undergoing other due process and is being held by them as a preventive detainee.

Añez’s liability verdict claims are: for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan without the approval of the Assembly; for the extension of the license for 15 years of the commercial register to Fundempresa; the violations of the rights of Bolivians who tried to return to Bolivia during the 2020 pandemic and the deaths in Sacaba (Cochabamba) and Senkata (El Alto) during the post-election conflicts in 2019.

Flores pointed out that the Mixed Commission on Plural Justice only authorizes the conduct of these proceedings, while the entire Chamber has the power to approve or reject this indicting proposal. With 15 votes, the MAS lacks the legally required two-thirds majority to initiate these liability proceedings.

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Regarding the beginning of a liability case against former President Evo Morales for the violence of 2019, Flores said there was still no charge and ordered the opposition to bring the lawsuit for them to assemble from the Joint Judicial Commission, like the others Orders.


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