Tensions arise within the MAS over the Cabinet of Ministers

Eleven days after the celebration of Plurinational State Day, tensions continue in the ruling Movement towards Socialism (MAS) over the formation of President Luis Arce’s Cabinet of Ministers. Political groups within the blue party are calling for representation in the executive branch, in addition to the alleged return of Evo Morales’ former ministers.

Over the past few weeks, various MAS-related sectors and social organizations have expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the members of the team of ministers who are currently working with the President because they do not take his demands into account and do not accompany the work of the government.

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The biggest critic, however, is the President of the MAS, Evo Morales, who pointed out that Arce must have a team of ministers with a political character and that an example of the ministers’ inefficiency is the setbacks in various regulations.

Under this parameter, the so-called “evista” or “hard” wing is trying to add former ministers Juan Ramón Quintana and Carlos Romero to the cabinet, despite Morales saying it was Arce’s decision to keep the team of collaborators or make changes. He argued, however, that a position in the cabinet requires “experienced, socially conscious colleagues and MAS militants”.

According to the ANF, the MAS MP Rolando Cuéllar assured that no former Morales minister will hold an office in this government and until 2025 based on a stipulation of the unification pact and the political instrument.

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He added that on January 15th, the MAS banks of MPs and Senators, along with social organizations, will evaluate ministers and deputy ministers to propose changes.

“Obviously there is a resolution of the single pact in which by the year 2025 neither the environment of Evo Morales will take over the position in this management, nor will the former ministers of the former president Evo Morales act as gatekeepers,” he said.


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