TDJ denies guardianship for Reyes Villa but will continue to serve as mayor

The Second Constitutional Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice (TDJ) of Chuquisaca yesterday denied the protection requested by Manfred Reyes Villa in the Sillar Alternativo case, but ratified the precautionary measures pending the Constitutional Court (TCP) review of the judgment and enforcement of the conviction of the criminal chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice of Cochabamba against the municipality. In the meantime, Reyes Villa will continue to hold the position.

In the midst of a vigil with dozens of tents on Plaza 14 de Septiembre and another vigil in front of the doors of the TDY in Sucre, the virtual audience was installed at around 11:45 a.m., 45 minutes after the scheduled time.

He entered the deliberation phase at 3:57 p.m., was reinstated around 6:00 p.m. and the arguments of members Juan Carlos Mendoza and Gonzalo Flores were presented according to the Correo del Sur report.

An hour later, the court ordered the precautionary measures to be upheld until the Constitutional Court reviews the verdict and suspends enforcement of the five-year sentence against the mayor for the Sillar Alternative case while the TCP is pronounced.

“That is the strength of people and, above all, of their prayers to our God. Brothers, thank you for all of this unending support and it is my commitment to continue. Thank you to all the lovely people who slept on the road who moved to Sucre and your efforts will help our Llajta keep moving forward. Manfred will continue to look for unity; no confrontation, you have to understand that, “said Reyes Villa after the hearing and turned to the crowd waiting in front of the mayor’s office for the resolution.

He noted that the TCP “needs to analyze that Manfred has been tried in normal cases without due process”; however, they will continue to turn to “all international organizations to see that justice is done”, as is the case with the IACHR.

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“Manfred is here because I have a clear conscience,” he said to his secretaries and councilors from Súmate.

After the resolution was read, the mayor’s supporters, residents of the various districts of the municipality and officials celebrated the decision with applause and supportive words for Reyes Villa. They also lifted the vigil in the main square. “Yes, that was possible”, “Manfred Mayor, the people are with you”, shouted those present.

“We are still in the mayor’s office”

Reyes Villa indicated that thanks to popular support, he would “continue” as a local authority for the next five years.

“As long as we stay united, no one will stop us from developing Cochabamba. That is the strength of the people and especially of their prayers. I appreciate your support. We will seek unity, not confrontation. We will continue to work in this mayor’s office for the five years because you have decided to do so, ”he said.


The Sillar Alternativo case dates back to 2009, when the current mayor, Reyes Villa, in his capacity as ex-prefect, was prosecuted by Cochabamba for allegedly uneconomical behavior in providing advice for the development of the motorway project in this area of ​​the tropics.

In 2013, when Reyes Villa was out of the country and declared absent, the court sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment. This sentencing order was appealed on the grounds that it was “defenseless” and the defense appealed in cassation to the Supreme Court, which was denied. However, the addition and amendment raised by the defense in yesterday’s hearing has been implemented.

Manfred questions Nelson Cox’s trip

Cochabamba Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa questioned Deputy Home Secretary Nelson Cox’s trip to Sucre for a police activity that coincided with the hearing.

“It is not possible for a Vice Minister to put pressure on Sucre. He respects Cochabamba, not because he has lost, he will make his mood. The judiciary does not have to listen to the loser who takes his post as deputy minister, ”he said. For his part, Cox said two days ago that Reyes Villa “is a convicted corrupt man, he has multiple trials, it is undeniable and the legal level of analysis is the responsibility of the people”.

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They expect that TCP will be participating in the case in more than a year

Depending on the procedural burden of the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP), in the case of the mayor of Cochabamba Manfred Reyes Villa, the result of the protection of the constitution could be addressed “in about a year or a little longer,” said the municipality’s finance secretary, Mauricio Muñoz.

In this context, the Deputy Minister for Justice and Fundamental Rights, Cesar Siles, reported a week ago that dealing with the procedural burden that has dragged on for over a year and reducing it is one of the pillars of the judiciary reform that is being carried out in the country.

“Unless there is some kind of political pressure, then they could try to forestall it. But we believe that the judiciary has acted impartially, at least so far. They could have refused guardianship and precaution; this guarantees the civil, civil and political rights of the mayor, ”said Muñoz.

Reyes Villa will remain mayor of Cochabamba until the TCP’s constitutional protection resolution is announced.

For his part, Reyes Villa said, “The safest thing is that you go to court. Nobody touches Manfred until the court has decided.

“Hopefully there is political maturity in higher authorities to make us work. It would have been with guardianship or without guardianship, it has to put the same thing under constitutional control,” he added.


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