TCP is processing two constitutional complaints against the vaccination card enactments

The Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) reported Friday that it had two pending unconstitutional lawsuits against the decrees requiring the submission of anticovid vaccination certificates or PCR tests for entering crowded places.

“To date, we have received two unconstitutional complaints that relate precisely to these decrees. The admissions commission is already aware of them,” said TCP President Paul Franco, reported journalist Iván Ramos from the Erbol network.

It is known that unconstitutional lawsuits have been filed by opposition lawmakers. One was presented by MPs Caleb Villarroel (We Believe) and María José Salazar (CC), while the Santa Cruz City Council, Federico Morón, made a similar appeal.

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The President of the TCP points out that the unconstitutionality complaints are being processed and hopes that there will be a statement from the admissions commission in the coming week, which, after examining the formal and content-related requirements, will have to accept or reject the funds.

At the same time, the judicial authority is also processing other measures against the decrees, such as a compliance action presented by various sectors in La Paz. Pastor Luis Aruquipa, one of the sponsors, pointed out this Friday that the observations have been corrected so that the appeal can continue.


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