After the controversy surrounding the passing of the supervisory law by the local council, former MP Rafael “Tata” Quispe assured that his alliance with Iván Arias would remain “intact” and will be maintained for the five-year term of office. Mayor.

The controversy arose because the councilor Lourdes Chambilla, who belongs to the party of “Tata” Quispe, created a quorum to hold the meeting in which the MAS bank approved the supervisory law.

This rule has been criticized by Arias for believing it to be mandatory and forcing him to report rather than manage.

“This alliance is intact and we will maintain the alliance for five years,” said Quispe, president of Alliance For The Common Weal – Somos Pueblo, which led Arias to the mayor’s office.

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The former MP said there was no break with Arias, but “what was there” was approval of the supervisory law.

He pointed out that this rule should not bother anyone, as its goal is to know if irregular events can occur.

“He who has nothing, fears nothing. The ‘Negrito’ said: ‘I will give a price to this person, this council member who denounces corruption.’ I don’t think it has to hurt, ”said the ex-MP.

On the subject of inspection, Quispe has also announced that the work to apply for documents from the previous municipal administration is being carried out, as there are complaints in this regard. He has indicated that he is waiting for the 2018-2019 documents.

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