Tarija public prosecutor resigns and denounces political pressure

Wilson Tito Torrez has resigned from the Tarija Department Public Prosecutor’s Office and has denounced political pressure against his work.

“I have submitted my resignation as a departmental prosecutor. The resignation is irrevocable,” said Tito at a press conference.

“The political leaders, the parliamentary groups, in their eagerness to exert pressure and to condition the decisions of our prosecutor’s office, are only helping to deteriorate the credibility of the judiciary,” said Tito.

“Those of us who have a responsibility to help the administration of justice, and that this highest value applies to all, are unwilling to give in to the pressures. These political leaders who want to interfere in our actions because of their internal rivalries and petty interests, ”he denounced without naming them.

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According to the El País newspaper in the capital, Tari, Tito said his resignation was due to political questions from authorities and ministers “who want revenge”.

He stated that he had been interviewed and described as “by the opposition” for sitting next to a departmental authority examining property rights for the Bermejo prosecutor’s office, handing over a society chamber in Entre Ríos, or signing agreements with some mayors and universities that are part of his duties as a departmental attorney.

“I urge these leaders to renounce these practices that discredit the actions of the institutions,” he asked.

Tito was inaugurated almost a year ago by Attorney General Juan Lanchipa.

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