Mesa: Morales confessed to crimes by disclosing contacts with the TSE and TSJ

Former President and Civic Community Leader Carlos Mesa questioned the appointment of members of the Departmental Electoral Courts (TED), calling them “an example of authoritarianism”.

“The illegal appointment of electoral members without respecting institutionality and the summoning of people who were part of the events of 2019 is a new example of authoritarianism and the search for control over all state organs with totalitarian goals,” Mesa said on his Twitter account.

President Luis Arce has appointed eight members of the TED, who were inaugurated on Wednesday by the President of the Chamber of Deputies. Two members resigned after the sub-national elections and six remained in their positions. The electoral law provides for the “immobility” of the members and lays down the reasons for the termination of their function and the loss of functions.

For their part, the Alianza Observation Ciudadana de la Democracia (OCD) Bolivia and 13 civil society institutions described the recall of TED members when there were no vacancies as an attack on the independence and autonomy of the electoral body.


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