Table denounces that the MAS blocked the entry of senators to force 2/3 of the meetings on promotion in the armed forces

The national leader of the Civic Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, denounced this Thursday that the MAS blocked opposition senators from entering the Upper House session to force the 2/3 the ruling party needs to get the promotion by Generals in the Armed Forces (FFAA).

“The Senate MAS directive uses Chicana, abuse and deception to authorize the promotion of armed forces generals, prevents opposition senators from attending the session and enforces the 2/3. Once again, the MAS denigrates the armed forces by promoting illegitimate promotions,” Mesa wrote on his social networks.

The Senate has called a meeting for this Thursday to consider this issue. The ruling party needs 2/3 of the votes it doesn’t have to approve its reserve list.

However, according to a report by Página Siete, the MAS managed to install the session in the absence of Civic Community (CC) senators Andrea Barrientos, Daly Santa María, Javier Martínez (replacing Nelly Gallo) and Rodrigo Paz. The MAS came with all its headlines.

Central Committee deputy José Ormachea denounced on his social networks that “MAS does not allow our Central Committee senators to enter the Senate and does not take into account those present in the virtual session for the promotions of the armed forces. As last time we do not allow the session to be installed, they had to use the dirty games that characterize them”.

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The Senate broadcast shows that when the list was called before the session began, Cecilia Requena, Barrientos, Santa María and Martínez were not in the room and only arrived after the session was suspended. The gathering was previously called for 8:30 a.m., according to Santa María, although the call for the date is 9 a.m.

Paz asked for a license, Requena later informed this media that she had attended the session, and Senator Barrientos’ communicator indicated that she had a two-hour license, so she wasn’t late. None of the MAS MPs were absent, so there was the appropriate quorum to reserve the session and discuss the appointment of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Holy See and the promotion of the military high command.

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“We have a tolerance of half an hour, even without permission we can arrive half an hour (late). Seeing it was 8:15 I sent to make my note asking for a one hour tolerance. I arrived at 9:20 am and there was no need for discussion in that session. The list of military promotions. The gentlemen don’t have two-thirds and to avoid them closing the doors and not letting us in,” Santa María said in a video broadcast live at 10:00 a.m., according to Página Siete.

In the pictures released by the legislature, she explains that there were three opposition senators among her who were allegedly not allowed to enter the country.

“We are three senators who have been left out, here Senator Javier Martínez, Senator Fernando Vaca, and they have removed two senators from the civic community, five in all,” the senator said.


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