Statement by Luis Fernando Camacho suspended without a date

La Paz Prosecutor’s Office said Wednesday that it had decided to suspend the testimony of Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, which was due to be admitted to La Paz this Thursday.

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones said that the intention of the Ministry of Public Affairs is to have the testimony of José Luis Camacho, the governor’s father, followed by Luis Fernando Camacho. Both are cited for the alleged “coup” case of 2019.

Camacho’s father was summoned on October 5, but did not testify and requested to appear in the city of Santa Cruz for health reasons. With this in mind, the prosecutor decided to suspend Luis Fernando Camacho’s subpoena.

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There is no date for the governor’s testimony.

The prosecutor said that they are trying to homologate José Luis Camacho’s medical certificates on high blood pressure and immunological diseases in order to make a decision on his testimony and, later, that of his son.

However, Prosecutor Mejillones confirmed that the prosecution’s decision was to include Camacho’s testimony in La Paz, although this opened up the opportunity to assess this situation in light of the threats posted on social networks and street posters in La Paz. showed up against the governor.


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