State radio journalist attacked by protesters

The journalist of the state radio station Patria Nueva, Jeruslava Ojeda, suffered verbal and physical attacks while reporting on incidents at the doors of the Department’s Small Industry Chamber and the National Press Association (ANP), as she did in all cases of aggression. did journalists protested the violence against the communicator.

According to a report in the El Deber newspaper, a group of people protested outside the company’s doors against the announcement of the alleged arrival at the square of former President Evo Morales and the President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez.

The protesters were angry because the version circulated that Morales and Rodríguez would lead a people’s committee, parallel to the one that has been known as the Pro Santa Cruz Committee since 1950.

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The duty described the demonstrators’ aggression against journalist Ojeada as “reprehensible excess”, who recorded the incidents with a tape recorder. “The communicator recorded the demonstration, but when she identified her as a (worker) for some pro-government medium, the mobilized attacked her.”

In a statement to state news agency ABI, Ojeda stated that although she said she was in the press, the women disrespect her, take her out. push the place “.

The ANP has been reporting on attacks on journalists and information media, both private, indigenous, intercultural and state media, since 2008, because, true to its founding statute of February 1970, its fundamental task is to defend press and civil liberties

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Expression of all citizens.

In the case of the journalist Ojeda, the ANP is demanding that the public prosecutor’s office investigate the attackers, prosecute them and punish them for violence and violation of the constitutional freedom of the press and expression.

On October 28, 2021 in Santa Cruz, the ANP vehemently called for the punishment of the kidnappers of six journalists and condemned the verbal aggression of opposition MP José Carlos Gutiérrez against the state broadcaster; the attack on Bolivia Tv cameraman César Reyes; and other cases involving state media workers.

The ANP’s work is printed on its freely accessible social networks.


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