Speaker: The President collects proposals to adjust the Cabinet

President’s spokesman Jorge Ritcher said Thursday that President Luis Arce was gathering suggestions and observations from all sectors and even in contact with the population to make adjustments to the Cabinet of Ministers inaugurated on January 22nd.

President Luis Arce “also listens to the views on governance, and that’s good, always outside the Casa Grande del Pueblo so you can get real, real input on people’s thoughts there,” the official said.

Every year on January 22nd, Plurinational State Day, the Head of State on duty ratifies or makes changes to his Cabinet of Ministers, which will accompany him throughout the running of the business.

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Several sectors associated with the ruling party observed at least four ministers, Luis Arce, who believed they were not doing justice to popular demands.

The same former president of Bolivia and leader of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, criticized a minister led by Luis Arce for allegedly saying that “the country’s economy, justice and health are in order”.

Richter pointed out that the executive branch “carries out evaluations of a political nature, including with a view to management” in order to “give some thought”.

“On this basis, the president will decide whether he needs to make adjustments at the level of people, first and last names or adjustments at the level of responsibilities, speed or priorities in the decisions he has to make,” the spokesman said. .

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The official said President Arce was always making these considerations, and not just for January 22, a traditional date for cabinet changes.


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