Sosa's lawyer:

Xerxes Justiniano, lawyer for the former mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, claimed this Monday that none of the 800 alleged names of the ghost objects that would have been generated in the management of her client had appeared to this day.

Justiniano Atalá criticized the “lack of seriousness” of the allegations against Sosa and called on the complainants to “prove the existence of the contracts”, according to El Deber.

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Marcela Terceros, announced that she would summon the former mayor to go to the prosecutor’s office to explain her knowledge and thus help to clarify the matter.

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Justiniano sees the intention to “damage the image of the former mayor” by associating her with the alleged phantom objects if the lawsuit extends to 2018, two years before his client takes over the city administration on an interim basis.

In addition, the lawyer calls for “an examination to determine what happened to the alleged bogus contracts” and, as soon as the existence of the irregular contracts is proven, “to determine the criminal, civil or administrative responsibilities”.

Justiniano says he regrets that city councils and local authorities have been carried away by the baseless allegations. “So far not a single name has appeared from the 800 articles,” he says, and calls for “a serious investigation into the existence of the contracts.”

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Prosecutors ordered the arrest of former personnel manager Antonio Parada and his brother Guillermo. Proceedings have also been opened against Sosa.


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