Sosa's husband returns to Bolivia and says the allegations against him are false

Sergio Perovic, husband of the former interim mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Angélica Sosa, returned to Bolivia on Thursday night and said the allegations against him were false in the case of the allegedly 800 ghost objects.

“Everything is wrong. I don’t even know what it is referring to (allegations by Javier Cedeño). I hardly know the Lord. I have no answer, ”said Perovic at Viru Viru Airport after a flight from Brazil.

Perovic pointed out that he has no friends with the former director of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz mayor’s office.

Cedeño included the former mayor’s husband in the case in his statement to the Ministry of Public Affairs

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“He had me (a staff member) appointed to the public space secretary, replacing one who had sent his wife a photo of him walking out of a bowling alley with women,” said the former officer, who was sent to Palmasola in preventive detention .


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