Sosa's attorney claims that the document is an agreement between UCS and SPT.  disclosed

Joadel Bravo, defender of former mayor Angélica Sosa, alleged that Unidad Cívica Solidaridad (UCS) had a government agreement with the Santa Cruz para Todos (SPT) group. To support his claim, the attorney showed a 2017 report from Ever Mérida, the current Legal Secretary of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

“UCS never had a clear ideological program and relied mainly on prebendanism to gain popular support,” says a part of the document, the reference to which indicates that it is a diagnosis of the political situation between UCS and SPT acts.

“Jhonny’s nifty immediate vision becomes visible when, in addition to the decisions of his brother Roberto (Fernández), he sends envoys to Percy and offers him the votes to make the five-year term governable. Percy had won five councilors and could only rule with one MAS vote, but government becomes easier when you have 2/3, ”he says.

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For his part, Mérida indicated that the document shown by Bravo has been modified because the original report would be two pages but the Defense of Sosa would have more pages.

“In this letter, I tell Ms. Angélica Sosa that she must seize and govern local government, but without any kind of corruption,” said Mérida, quoted by Unitel.

“What you’re trying to do here is try to redirect the flow of this investigation by trying to carry out this type of legal blackmail. I call this situation legal extortion, seizure and disclosure of a document that has absolutely nothing to do with this investigative issue, ”said Mérida.

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