Sosa will tell the prosecutor that he was unaware of the existence of phantom objects

Former Santa Cruz Mayor’s attorney Angélica Sosa confirmed that her client will testify to the prosecutor’s office on Thursday at 10:00 am on the “ghost objects” case and announced that the former mayor will confirm that he will did not know about the allegedly illegal contracts.

Xerxes Justiniano, Sosa’s lawyer, made these statements in an interview with the UN network. She did not meet her in her tenure as councilor and just like she was a councilor, there are 10 others who were councilors, including Jhonny Fernández, ”she said.

He explained that he was not aware of the “ghost contracts” during his tenure as city councilor or when he took office in May 2021, as was the current mayor, who learned of the alleged acts of corruption due to a complaint from the ex-partner of Antonio Parada, who was Minister of Personnel for the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz from 2009 to 2018.

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“You don’t get to know the case through an audit, you don’t get to know the product of an irregularity, but let’s say the product of a parallel complaint (…). Ms. Valeria R. feels a complaint product of a process of domestic violence, which means that neither the opposition councils in the administration of Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa nor anyone was discovered. Neither the mayor nor the mayor Jhonny Fernández himself, “he said.

Because of this, Justiniano said, “She will say that it is very difficult for her to accept that there were 800 phantom items, but ultimately she will ask the Ministry to conduct a full and thorough investigation to see if that 800” passed and those responsible are, and that the severity of the law falls on them “.

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Sosa was summoned to testify after prosecutors re-involved her in the investigation into the ghost items.


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