Sosa receives 4 months imprisonment in Palmasola for phantom objects

After a ten-hour hearing, the anti-corruption judge Juan José Quiroz ordered the four-month preventive detention of the former mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, in the prison of Palmasola as part of the so-called ghost items case. In a ten-hour hearing with long interruptions, the judge rejected three appeals by the defense against the detention request.

The situation of Sosa became complicated after the former director of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz municipality, Javier Abraham Cedeño Catacora, said that the former mayor’s staff was “even on little slips of paper” and “signed sheets” with the names of the new officials.

However, the complaints also reached individuals and former authorities involved in the socialism movement, such as former Chamber of Representatives Betty Tejada and her daughter Cecilia Prada, mother and sister of the current Prime Minister, María Nela Prada. .

The Civic Community MP, Carlos Alarcón, asked for an investigation into Tejada, as she was an advisor to the former Mayor Sosa.

Meanwhile, the version circulating on social networks is that Cecilia Prada was Director of Contracts from 2009 to 2018, a time that also includes Sosa’s management as mayor of Santa Cruz.

The former authority was turned from witness to denounced in the case and was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly participating in the production of 800 phantom objects, for which it is now accused of the alleged offenses of breach of duty, legitimation of illicit profits, lavish behavior and state-damaging contracts.

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The situation of Sosa became complicated after the testimony of the former director of the personnel department of the municipality of Santa Cruz, Javier Abraham Cedeño Catacora, who, among other things, revealed that Sosa’s husband Sergio Perovic, in addition to his work, was an external advisor to the municipality with business administration the son-in-law Juan José Dorado 150 contracts.

As a result of the questioning of the phantom objects, the name of Betty Tejada, mother of the Prime Minister and former President of the House of Commons of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), came out and indicates what role she played in the personnel contracts in question.

The connection between his daughter María Cecilia Prada and the Santa Cruz community came to light through social networks. They say she was the director of contracts between 2009 and 2018 and was dependent on the human resources department.

According to the General Comptroller of the state, she would currently have submitted her affidavit on the declaration of assets on July 20, 2021 as an official of the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz.

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During the development of Sosa’s Precautionary Hearing, which began at 4:30 p.m. that Thursday, a number of incidents were presented by his defense, Xerxes Justiniano, an aspect that was analyzed in a little over an hour break, but these were brought up on End rejected by the judge.

Cedeño: City councils had their quotas

Javier Cedeño, former director of human resources, said, according to Santa Cruz press releases, that at the “time when it all happened from 2014 to 2018” between the Supreme Executive Authority, who was the mayor, and the council (which has been chaired by Angélica since 2015 Sosa) there is a “direct relationship” between the two powers.

“The eleven councilors had their rooms, when something was decided, the eleven councilors raised their hands. Angélica Sosa also had connections with MPs, union leaders and all those groups of people associated with Sosa, says Cedeño.” These (items) were made by Sosa assigned so that no one blocked it, no one stopped it and had other problems. Sosa had direct control over the human resources department, “he adds in his statement that he was the key to the arrest of the ex-mayor.


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