Snow and low temperatures hit the Santa Cruz valleys and authorities are calling for precautionary measures

Since the weekend, low temperatures and even snowfall this Monday morning have been registered in the valleys of Santa Cruz. The cold storm is set to continue these days and government agencies have alerted producers to take their precautions.

On Sunday rain fell, which according to the person responsible for the agricultural information and communication system (SIC) Santa Cruz, Julio César Claure, was “positive”, which enables “natural protection of the moisture against the plants”.

A possible quantification of the damage and effects is being evaluated, however, a continuation of the cold front in the upper area of ​​the valleys and cordilleras and even fresh snow can be expected for these days.

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“That is why we again urge producers to be vigilant about mitigation measures, all mitigation techniques that manage to protect their crops,” said Claure.

For Wednesday he reported that clear skies could be expected and the temperature was back around zero degrees Celsius.


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