Silva confirms that the population of Santa Cruz is going through an

The Vice Minister for Consumer Protection Jorge Silva said this Saturday that the people of Santa Cruz are going through a “completely inhuman situation” these days because a political leadership prevents users and consumers from buying products and demanding services, which is against the constitution , the laws and fundamental rights.

He urged the population to get out of this submission and return to their sources of employment in the city of Santa Cruz, since the strike and blockade were simply the personal appetites and political interests of the Santa Cruz leadership.

When asked if the citizens’ strike could lead to some product shortage in La Paz, Silva said she had carried out an inspection of various supply centers and found that there was no shortage of consumer goods.

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He said butchers have concerns about the price per kilo / hook of Santa Cruz meat, which has risen to 24 bolivianos. The agency assured that this was an urgent matter to analyze and examine the possibilities of bringing meat to the markets of La Paz.

He assured that the rest of the products are guaranteed because Emapa has taken the necessary precautions and, in the event of bottlenecks, the operation of airlifts is analyzed not only for La Paz, but for the rest of the country’s cities.


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