Seven sectors mobilize against the government and destabilization ensues

Seven sectors will mobilize this week against the legislative package the government is about to pass, defending democracy, against political persecution, reclaiming Adepcoca and indigenous rights.

However, the government sees a destabilizing desire.

Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo said: “There is a government that has won 55%, and there is also a defeated opposition that is working on its political goal of how to regain power.”

According to Novillo, the citizens and businesspeople of Santa Cruz “have a plan and are in the process of implementing it that is essentially intended to destabilize the government”.


Citizens groups, platforms and Conade meet this Monday in Santa Cruz to define measures against laws that they believe curtail the civil rights of the population, such as the illegal profit accounting.

Meanwhile, on October 10th, they march against the bills, political persecution and regional demands as part of the Day of the Return of Democracy to the country.

This Monday, after a meeting, the Adepcoca Self-Defense Committee will mobilize again to regain the Villa Fátima market occupied by the Arnold Alanes sector, similar to the MAS.

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The coca farmers in the traditional regions also reject the formation of a confederation that would bring the coca farmers of the tropics together.

This Monday the XI hopes. indigenous march that arrived in Santa Cruz to start a dialogue with the government. However, the leaders believe that the weekend helped them regain their strength and now they will be calling again for attention to their demands such as an end to the attacks.

On Tuesday, the El Alto unions will march against the illegal profit calculation towards the seat of government, and those of Cochabamba will go on a hunger strike.

Tensions will also focus in Santa Cruz as opposition leaders of the 2019 crisis have been asked to testify to prosecutors for the alleged coup. A hearing against Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa is planned for October 7th in Cochabamba and a march has been announced.

The National Council of the National Professional Association has declared itself a state of emergency because of the draft law to legitimize illegal profits. Meanwhile, the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia (CEPB) moved to suspend his treatment in the Senate.

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The more

On the other hand, on October 12th, the social sectors affiliated with the MAS announced a march in defense of Wiphala, democracy and the government of Luis Arce.

The President’s spokesman, Jorge Richter, said the citizens’ movement was trying to keep the events of the 2019 crisis “impunity”.


The laws and projects observed are the Police Promotion and Career Act, the Fight against Corruption, the Legitimation of Illegal Profits, the Establishment of the Real Rights Service, the Commercial Register and the INE’s sanctions.

Articles 3, 11, 15, 17 and 31 are observed in the draft law in order to legitimize unauthorized profits because they violate constitutional rights, because the duty to report and the duty of confidentiality can be investigated without any amount.

However, the director general of the financial investigations department, Ana María Morales, denied the observations.


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