Senate passes law to centralize official statistics in the executive branch

In its 210th ordinary session this Friday, the plenary session of the Senatorial Chamber passed the law on the official statistics of the plurinational state of Bolivia, which allows the national statistics institute (INE) to compile official statistics for the country.

The opposition pointed out that this standard “hyper-centralizes” the official information in the INE.

In Article 3, the regulation defines the scope of application for the entire territory of Bolivia, including the bodies that compile official statistics, informants and users of the statistics.

The law lays down statistical secrecy in Article 5, which stipulates that the information provided by the informants may not be disclosed individually and may only be published anonymously.

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It is also pointed out that the information may not be used for tax, judicial, official or police purposes, even if there is an official or court order.

The regulation defines the assignments of the National Statistics Institute (INE), the functions of the Executive Director and the principles of statistical information. It contains 33 articles, an additional provision, three transitional provisions, a repeal provision and a single final provision.

The sanctioned norm is sent to the executive branch for promulgation.


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