Senate declares fourth suspension of debate on repeal of Act 1386

This Tuesday the Chamber of Senators decided to interrupt the session for 30 minutes during which the draft to repeal Act 1386 on a strategy to combat the legitimation of illegal profits will be discussed.

The Senate began its seventh ordinary session at 9:40 am and lasted until 12:10 pm as the debate had opposition protests against the rationale of the bill, suggesting that the repeal of the 1386 Act was due to “misinformation” and attributed a new “coup” attempt.

The President of the Chamber of Senators, Andrónico Rodríguez (MAS), pointed out that the break is for lunch and then the agenda will resume after 30 minutes.

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The MAS proposed repealing Act 1386 by waiving the trial, but the opposition asked that the rationale be deleted before the document was approved, as it believed it would open the doors to a new “persecution” against the leaders promoted the strike against Law 1386.


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