Senamhi predicts

The Senamhi is forecasting more complex days due to the intense rains that will continue in the country and affect other departments in January 2022, Vice Minister of Civil Defense Juan Carlos Calvimontes predicted yesterday.

“We believed the rains would get more intense in January, but they happened in December, which means that the rains will get heavier in January and the overflow of rivers will cause problems in unaffected departments,” he said.

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) yesterday issued an orange hydrological warning until December 28th for four departments: Potosí, Chuquisaca, Tarija and La Paz.

In Potosí, the risk zone is the Alto Pilcomayo Basin due to the increase in overflows in areas near Yocalla and Tarapaya. In Chuquisaca, the Rio Grande and Pilcomayo basins are the problem as the Chico, Chaunaca, Ravelo and Potolo rivers are at risk.

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In Tarija there are two rivers with the Alarm, Pilaya and Pilcomayo, which can overflow in the towns of Villa Montes, Puesto Uno, Ibibobo, La Esmeralda and Aruma.

In La Paz, the rains will affect the Cotajes, Boopi, Tamancaya, Solacama, Unduavi, Taquesi, Miguillas, Zongo, Coroico, Yara, Tipuani, Mapiri and Alto Beni rivers.

The populations that may be affected are in the north of La Paz and the Yungas on the border with the Beni department.

Cities with an “orange” warning include La Asunta, Chulumani, Zongo, Coroico, Caranavi, Tipuani, Sorata, Alto Beni, and Guanay.

In Cochabamba, there will be a chance of storms continuing to rain.

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