Self-defense committee approves new elections in Adepcoca and resignation of Del Castillo

After the facilities of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) were restored, the so-called Self-Defense Committee convened a new election meeting to elect the new leader of this organization.

The aim is for the election committee to organize the elections within 10 days, in which at least 36,000 producers are expected to participate.

Wilder Vargas, representative of the self-defense committee, demanded that the government no longer interfere in the organization of coca producers and refrain from opening parallel coca markets as in the past.

The Ministry of Rural Development today signed up to government-recognized leader Arnold Alanes to manage another cocoa market; however, the norm indicates that the only legal coca markets are Adepcoca (Villa Fátima) and Sacaba (Cochabamba).

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During the parallel leadership of Elena Flores, the government approved the operation of a parallel coca market to counter the leadership of Armin Lluta’s coca cultivation.

The chairman of Cofecay, Carlos Choque, called for the resignation of the government minister Eduardo Del Castillo because of the interference in the organization of coca producers and the recognition of Alanes. “This man has done great harm to our sector and that our imprisoned brothers will be released as soon as possible,” he said.

The decision came after hundreds of coca farmers passed the police and recaptured the facilities of the Coca Producers’ Association (Adepcoca) in the Villa Fátima area.

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