They propose taking the case of expired evidence delivered to the Santa Cruz communities to justice

The Santa Cruz Department Health Service (headquarters) described the delivery of expired Covid-19 tests as a “technical failure”. He announces that the internal auditing and investigations have already been commissioned to determine the responsibilities.

“All investigations are carried out to determine who was responsible for this technical error, which was immediately replaced. We ask the population to remain calm, as this technical error has been fixed and did not affect the use of a single antibody test, ”said the director of the headquarters, Erwin Viruez.

The Santa Cruz official clarified that the tests in question were antibodies, that is, those done on blood from the person’s finger, and not, as previously known, for nasal antigen or medication.

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The delivery of expired material has been recorded in communities such as San Julián and Cuatro Cañadas. According to the government, it is a crime that requires investigation into an attack on health.

Headquarters director said there were a total of 320 tests with an expiration date that were delivered by the Ministry of Health on March 16.

He assured them that they were replaced immediately when it became known that they had expired. He found that nasal antigen tests were sent to replace them.

“We found the expired ones in the various communities where no evidence was used, with the exception of the San Julián community, which refused to give us the old evidence but received the new one,” he said clarified.

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Viruez emphasized that the internal audit process has started to identify those responsible and determine possible sanctions. In addition, new heads have been appointed for the relevant department of the department’s health service.

He announced that it has been instructed to collect data on pharmaceuticals in warehouses and it has found deliveries with an expiration date that will be returned to the Department of Health and the Supply and Supply Center.


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