Sedem extends the delivery date of the food package until December 29th

The Ministry of Productive Development and Plural Economy Development Service of Productive Public Enterprises (Sedem) has extended the delivery date of the food package for people with disabilities to December 29, said subsidy manager Melissa Ávalos.

“We are extending the delivery of this grocery package to December 29th by this management at all distribution points except Caranavi,” said Ávalos.

To date, the Sedem has delivered the food package to 58% of beneficiaries nationwide and to 70% in La Paz, however, according to Ávalos, based on these indicators, the plan is to extend the deadlines “so that this benefit can reach everyone”. People with disabilities “.

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“We have visited more than 45,000 people nationwide these days, and so we decided to expand the delivery, since the total universe is 77,285 people, we have not yet reached 100%,” he said.

Beneficiaries are all persons who are registered in the uniform system for the registration of persons with disabilities and in the Bolivian Institute for the Blind.


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