Sedcam attributes the Camargo explosions to burning fuel tanks

Two explosions rocked the municipality of Camargo south of the department of Chuquisaca on Monday afternoon, leaving more than a dozen injured and heavy casualties in the camp of the Departemental Road Service (Sedecam).

A preliminary report by Sedcam indicates that the detonations and fire were caused by the burning of two fuel tanks on the premises of this facility, although it is still unknown how the fire started or broke out in these teams.

Sedcam’s head of department, Jhorgino García, reported in a video provided by the Chuquisaca government that on Monday night, after the flames had subsided and the risk of another explosion reduced, the expert opinion was drawn up that did just that Causes of loss. The case is already in the hands of the prosecutor and is under investigation, said Chuquisaca governor Damián Condori.

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14 people were injured in the explosions and the fire, one transferred to Potosí and another to Sucre, while seven are still being admitted to the San Juan de Dios hospital in Camargo.


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