Sectors mobilized in Santa Cruz are lifting indefinite strikes

The Pro Santa Cruz Committee and the multi-sectors announced on Tuesday night that the strike had been lifted following the lifting of 1386. The printing measure took nine days today.

“In line with the determination that was assumed in the call for a strike, in line with our commitment to the people who participated in the massive rally on Sunday the 14th, we are lifting the open-ended strike from this moment and declaring ourselves in need and more permanent Mobilization, ”said the citizen leader Rómulo Calvo.

Tonight the government promulgated rule 1409, which repeals law 1396. The document is already in the Official Journal and signed by incumbent President David Choquehuanca, Minister María Nela Prada reported.

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“With the repeal of this accursed law, there has been no noble gesture by the government at its defeat, no apology to the people, no compensation or redress for the damage done,” said Calvo.

The citizenry warned: “If we try to carry out another attack on our freedom and democracy, we will return to the streets with more vigor and vigor.”


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