Sectors join the requirement for a license or PCR

Several social sectors are joining the campaign to request a vaccination card or a negative PCR test for their activities. The Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) will urge member organizations to publish these documents on January 1st to participate in extended and marches. The Mayor’s Office of El Alto also requires a certificate from all vendors in that town.

Huarachi pointed out, for example, that the extended ones have always instructed to implement biosecurity measures against the pandemic and that there is now another requirement to control with the new decree. “We will usually do this to take care of the health of our colleagues,” he said.

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Huarachi, along with other members of the COB Executive Committee, received the anticovid vaccine this Tuesday. The COB leader also called Vice President David Choquehuanca, who would not have been vaccinated. He told the second president to think about his position and approve the vaccine.


In order to carry out their activities in the city of El Alto, from January 1, 2022, traders of the various sectors must carry the Anticovid card or the negative PCR test; The mayor’s office will carry out checks, said Bernardo Huanca, the secretary for economic development of the municipality, yesterday.

The official pointed out that traders are being screened for carrying either of these documents, as part of compliance with Supreme Regulations 4640 and 4641, recently approved by the national government.

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“If they are not vaccinated they must have their (negative) PCR test on hand,” he said.


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