Screams and tension interrupt the presentation of the GIEI in Potosí

Colombian Magdalena Correa and Brazilian Marlon Weichert, members of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), experienced uncomfortable moments during the exhibition in Potosí to investigate the violent events of 2019.

The experts could not complete the presentation because the participants exchanged shouts and insults during the question and answer session, which increased the tension. Some people even took off their shirts to show off the injuries they had sustained while blocking the mine caravan.

According to the videos released by El Potosí, the first interruption came when the Colombian Correa explained the main elements of the investigation and called for justice for the victims.

Some of the participants, identified as victims of the attacks on the mine caravan, began shouting “justice”, to which another group responded by accusing them of “coup plotters” and “fascists”.

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In addition to the screaming fight, there were also fighting deceptions, so that the experts had to leave their seats and approach those present in order to avoid a major conflict. After several tense minutes, Correa had to climb into a chair to get the attendees’ attention.

The silence did not last long, as the speakers were booed during the question and answer session so that their interventions were not even heard.

One of the women who used the microphone to address the experts was identified as the leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). The victims of the mine caravan were bothered by her presence, they confirmed that she was a government official and did not allow her to ask her question.

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So the experts tried to answer some of the questions but failed and decided to back out without completing the presentation.

People began to leave the place and those who stayed denounced that those who interrupted the act were officials of the Potosí government and the departmental assembly that is in the hands of the MAS.

The organizers had prepared an emergency exit for the experts, but Weichert and Correa decided to speak to anyone present who approached them.


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