Santos Quispe claims to be innocent and denounces political persecution

The governor of La Paz, Santos Quispe, denounced that he had been the victim of political persecution by the central government and assured that the legal proceedings against him were an attempted coup against the departmental government.

“My person wasn’t even in mobility (…) I wasn’t even intoxicated. Everything is a defamation made against me and that is what the judiciary lends itself to, ”said the governor, referring to the fact of transit that he is accused of.

Quispe’s driver on 13th Street, Calacoto, reportedly staged an accident with a government car, according to a complaint filed by a MP in June. Fact that the prosecution relied on to present their indictment of abuse of influence and public service.

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During the press conference, Santos also blamed former President Evo Morales for his alleged political persecution.


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