Santa Cruz Prosecutor's Office investigates Uagrm's

The public prosecutor of the department of Santa Cruz announced together with the Bolivian police on Tuesday that at the Autonomous University of Gabriel René Moreno (Uagrm) of this department “ghost scholarships” had been discovered, allegedly by third parties around 3,000 Bolivians for non-jobs who were in this superior study house.

“The Anti-Corruption Department learned yesterday (Monday) of some alleged phantom scholarships, why phantom scholarships? In other words, students had gone through procedures in the law school to get these types of benefits, but these (students) can be proven to be Purpose not committed, but some interested third parties would have received these scholarships, “said Saul Salazar, head of the anti-corruption department of the Santa Cross Special Unit to Combat Crime (Felcc).

He explained that the mechanism through which they collected the funds was that some students were benefiting from scholarship work within the Uagrm Faculty of Law and that they only charged a certain amount and that third parties took almost all of the money.

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“(It) was believed that certain students benefited from these working scholarships, and when they were billed, 3,500 Bolivians, only 200 Bolivians to the students and the rest to third parties,” Salazar said.

Meanwhile, Santa Cruz University rector Vicente Cuéllar said he would provide any information prosecutors needed to clear the case.

“We’re giving you the information the prosecution needs to investigate this matter that has arisen in the Law Faculty. They arrested two people in flagrante delicto and cashed a check for a job they had done.

Three are arrested

According to preliminary reports from some media outlets, on Tuesday morning the police arrested two people who were caught in the act “while cashing a check corresponding to a scholarship job they allegedly held, but the” beneficiary did not have that benefit provided ”, said the rector of the Uagrm.

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“We already have two arrestees, we have about two victims who testify. (Those arrested are) by concussion and illicit enrichment from people who touch the state, “said the head of the anti-corruption department of the Felcc. Hours later, another man involved in the case was arrested.

Among those arrested are Rubén G., the faculty chief financial officer, Dennis G. and Limbert, whose last name is unknown. The three subjects are already in the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s offices

According to Salazar, the investigation is ongoing and further details on the case will be revealed in the next few hours.


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