Santa Cruz: Prosecutor will investigate ex officio lawsuits against Costas and Aguilera

Prosecutors will open an ex officio investigation against former Santa Cruz governor Rubén Costas and former Democratic candidate Roly Aguilera for allegedly diverting funds for this year’s local election campaign led by the current management of Luis Fernando Camacho.

The investigation will reach that party’s current councilor Carlos Manuel Saavedra in all cases of alleged wrongdoing, lavish behavior, influence and embezzlement, El Deber reported.

Yesterday, the Santa Cruz government condemned that in February and March of this year funds were allegedly diverted from the department’s treasury, more than 700,000 Bolivians, to promote Aguilera’s candidacy in the last sub-national elections through digital advertising and in the streets. In light of this complaint, the former Secretary General dismissed it and said he was considering taking legal action.

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In this context, Santa Cruz Department Public Prosecutor Róger Mariaca confirmed to El Deber that this investigation was ex officio and that the anti-corruption department and the Bolivian police would take part in the work. This decision will be taken after hearing the complaint made by the Minister of Justice of the Santa Cruz Government, Efraín Suárez.

“In this sense, we can say that this fact is already being investigated in the previous government, what would have happened within the government,” said Mariaca.

When presenting the complaint, Suárez pointed out that the most delicate situation is that these economic resources, allegedly used for the political campaign, should be used to inform the population about Covid-19.

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In an interview with El Deber, Roly Aguilera Gasser stated that his campaign for the township headquarters was transparent and “at no time” was it using government economic resources planned to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.


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