The mayor of Santa Cruz canceled the order prohibiting officials from disclosing any information about the ghost items in the case

The mayor’s office of Santa Cruz announced that after the scandal surrounding the allegedly 800 ghost items, the financial authority would be changed to pay salaries to the city officials.

“As mayor, I made the decision to see other alternatives with other financial institutions,” Jhonny Fernández told the media.

The city administration pointed out that it had not yet been decided which would be the new financial institution and added that the terms offered were being evaluated.

“We cannot make any decisions until the end of the year because the management is carried out,” said the mayor.

A few days ago the police searched the Jesús Nazareno cooperative looking for documents related to the investigation.

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Prosecutor Javier Cordero pointed out at the time that the intervention was intended to review the files of Julio César Herbas’s wife, which would have facilitated the opening of bank accounts and the issuing of debit cards to people who deal with phantom items.


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