Santa Cruz Mayor is appealing to investigate complaint of 1,205 irregular contracts

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, Jhonny Fernández, presented a constitutional security service this Monday to investigate the 1,205 allegedly irregular employment contracts in the municipality of Santa Cruz that would have been drawn up during the administration of Angélica Sosa.

Fernández, accompanied by his legal team, said a hearing was scheduled for Wednesday and that he was confident that progress would be made on the investigation.

Fernández said he turned over evidence of 1,205 irregular contracts revealed to prosecutors upon entering the Santa Cruz de la Sierra mayor’s office. It was May 28, less than a month after taking office.

“In May (a review was carried out) of all the staff that we had and were handed over to us,” said Fernández.

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“Improperly registered contracts were exposed” and these tests brought the appropriate complaint for the many irregularities found, “he said.

This case raised by Fernández differs from the 800 phantom articles that Valeria Rodríguez denounced against her ex-partner Antonio Parada, the former head of the Santa Cruz community’s human resources department. This last case, best known for the economic violence lawsuit brought by Valeria Rodríguez against Parada Vaca, concerns the irregular allocation of 800 items in order to obtain an economic advantage.

The lawsuit filed by Jhonny Fernández includes the crimes of uneconomical behavior, improper influence, breach of duty, unlawful appointment, and material and ideological falsehood.

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Despite the “large amount of evidence” presented to the State Department, prosecutors on July 5 denied the case, indicating that there were not enough elements to open a case, Fernández said.

As a result, on October 28, the mayor’s office received an official notification from the public prosecutor’s office that the proceedings had been rejected. Faced with this situation, they filed a protection of the Constitution to demand the retrial.

Jhonny Fernández was elusive in the face of questions from journalists about his alleged connection to the 800 phantom objects.


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