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Santa Cruz Governorate Head of Epidemiology, Carlos Hurtado, described the situation in that department as “very worrying and overwhelming” after hitting a record of Covid-19 infections and accused citizens of not being responsible to avoid contagion.

“The situation is very worrying and overwhelming,” Hurtado told the Unitel network. He noted that Santa Cruz is “at the worst moment of the pandemic” of the coronavirus (Covid-19), although that does not mean it is out of control, but rather that it has returned to the time it started.

He explained that the situation was “not due to a lack of care, not a lack of vaccination or not a lack of evidence, but because the citizens have not fulfilled their joint responsibility,” said the head of the department.

He recalled that since the feast of All Saints’ Day the population had been advised not to hold graduation ceremonies, promotion ceremonies and “here are the consequences,” said Hurtado, arguing that despite the calls, the citizens still did not follow the recommendations.

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“The number of cases has overflowed because people are not fulfilling their shared responsibility and this index shows us that we are not yet at the peak, but in a steep rise in the curve in a vertical rise and that we have a fourth wave for a long time,” added Hurtado added.

As of Tuesday, only the Santa Cruz department registered 3,278 cases of new infections, a number that broke the record for the entire pandemic. The case has alerted the authorities and the population, who have turned to the detection centers and filled the pharmacies that purchase medicines.

The positivity rate is 42%, the head of epidemiology pointed out that this finding was due to the number of virus detection tests, an average of 5,200 tests were carried out in the department every day. As the number of cases increases, new diagnostic items are installed.

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He added that the age group most infected with the virus is between 20 and 50 years old, 70% of people are “not vaccinated,” 85 to 90% of whom go to intensive care and 95% die.

Regarding the fact that the Omicron variant circulates in this department, Hurtado said that this was a probability, but that there was no evidence of it and that he was therefore unable to make a statement about this dimension out of responsibility.


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