Santa Cruz: Gassed after clashes in Cadepia and MAS-related citizens' committee suspends event

After clashes between groups at the doors of the Santa Cruz (Cadepia) Department of Small Industries and Crafts in Santa Cruz, the police were forced to gass and the People’s Committee of Citizens (in association with MAS) postponed its action.

Protesters at the scene protested against the announcement of the arrival of the MAS leader Evo Morales over the property of an alleged citizens’ committee parallel to that led by Rómulo Calvo. However, the Citizens Committee (regarding MAS) denied possession.

“The invitation just says that they are celebrating, that there will be a solemn ceremony, that it has been misrepresented, that they thought Brother Evo would be there. No gentlemen. I have the invitation that says that the 15th anniversary of the Bolivian People’s Committee will be celebrated. It is a formal act that would only take a few minutes, ”the national executive of the Bolivian Citizens’ Committees, Rosana Molina, told Agenzia Fides.

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It is estimated that in the next few hours the Citizens Committee (regarding MAS) will announce the new date on which the activity will take place.

For his part, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo pointed out that the protests in Cadepia were “unjustified”. He also denied that Morales and Andrónico Rodríguez had arrived in Santa Cruz.

“Also to know that the former President Evo is more than 840 km from the place and the President of the Senate Andrónico Rodríguez is nearly 500 km, and that the information that such people have is false and malicious. These people have to learn to live in a democracy, ”he said of his Twitter account.

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