Santa Cruz: Fires affect 280,419 acres and nine communities are in distress

To date, 280,419 hectares have been affected by forest fires in Santa Cruz Department and nine communities are in distress; So far this year 125 fire emergencies have been looked after, reported on Friday the head of the governorate’s forest fire department, Yovenka Rosado.

He reported that there are 16 active forest fire points in the nine emergency communities: one in San Ignacio de Velasco, one in Concepción, three in Roboré, four in San Matías, four in San José de Chiquitos, one in Pailón, one in Charagua, one in Cabezas and one in Puerto Suárez.

The departmental protected areas affected by the fires are: Anmi San Matías, Tucabaca, Laguna Concepción, Anmi Río Grande, Valles Cruceños and Ñembi Guasu.

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The early warning system of the Santa Cruz government’s Forest Firefighters Unit registered 124 sources of fire this morning, 3,893 so far this month and 18,617 this year.

He warned that 73% of the department was at “extreme risk” of forest fires due to weather conditions in the Santa Cruz area, strong winds and above-average temperatures.

The departmental authority asked the population to help prevent fires in regions that are “extremely at risk”, as the number of communities affected by forest fires has increased in recent days.

He reported that the government was sending brigades of fire trainers to the various communities where the burns were recorded. He also stated that they work in coordination with members of the armed forces and volunteer firefighters.

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