Santa Cruz encounters a violent strike and issues an ultimatum to the government

Santa Cruz had a busy day of public strike yesterday. Unions, transportation and civil institutions called the move energetic and successful, but warned against radicalizing the protests within 72 hours if the government does not repeal the law against the legitimation of illegal profits.

Santa Cruz Committee President Rómulo Calvo said that “the government has 72 hours to react, otherwise it will have people on the streets for 48 hours”.

The day of the strike in Santa Cruz was marked by a series of clashes, not only in the capital but also in communities like San Carlos. The pictures of the Minister for Public Works Edgar Montaño clearing the streets were described as provocation.

Since the early hours of the morning, dozens of people have blocked the streets and avenues of the city as a sign of protest. Opposition from groups affiliated with the Movement for Socialism (MAS) was also evident, resulting in a series of clashes and arrests.

The most complex point was in the southern part of the city, at the intersection of Avenue Santos Dumont and the Sixth Ring. However, where hundreds of people supported the strike and blocked the traffic of vehicles, another group affiliated with the MAS opposed the measure.

The clashes continued from the early hours of the morning, so the police had to intervene and remain vigilant throughout the day.

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Something similar happened in the area of ​​Plan 3,000. The people who support and oppose the citizens’ strike clashed with sticks, stones and fireworks at night. Police intervened and took control of the place after using tear gas.

The community of San Carlos, 110 kilometers from the capital, Santa Cruz, was also the scene of clashes, as the police reported with six injured.

Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho confirmed on his social networks that the citizens’ strike was successful despite provocations.

“I congratulate the unions, transport companies, neighbors, citizens and all sectors that have led this citizens’ movement and made it a democratic party,” said the departmental agency.

“I can only say to the radicals of the MAS who tried to prevent this with violence: keep up the good work,” he added.

Trade Union Confederation Executive Secretary Edgar Álvarez assured that the incidents recorded during the citizens’ strike were caused by people associated with the MAS, but expressed satisfaction with the enforcement of the measure, which was reflected in the closure of the markets.

The Führer ratified the 72-hour period given to the national government to repeal the law against the legitimation of illegal profits; otherwise the actions taken by this and other sectors will be more radical.

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Meanwhile, Calvo said the strike had shown the government that it was facing a solid people who defended democracy and freedom.

“President Luis Arce, don’t make the same mistakes as your boss, Evo Morales; Today’s public demonstration (yesterday) was a call to remind you that neither you nor your party are the owners of Bolivia, ”he said.

He assured that Santa Cruz demands respect for his rights, his freedom and the political constitution of the state. “That he should repeal these shameful laws and end the persecution once and for all and stand up for all Bolivians,” added Calvo.

Although the mobilized sectors ended the strike at 6 p.m., many people remained blocked until midnight.

Police report 12 arrests

At 4:00 p.m. yesterday, at least a dozen people were arrested for violence and alcoholic beverages during the Santa Cruz citizen strike.

“We had two threats of confrontation today, one under the 3,000 plan and another in the Los Lotes area, but thanks to the timely intervention of the troops it was possible that the situation did not get any worse. In other words, everything will be in these places police department commander Orlando Ponce told El Deber.

The police had been working hard since the early hours of yesterday morning.


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