Santa Cruz doctors say hospitals are overcrowded and are demanding more staff

Santa Cruz Medical College confirmed Thursday that hospitals were “full” in the eastern capital of Bolivia and urged the national government to “keep their word” and hire more health workers to deal with the explosion in cases in this one Region to care.

Santa Cruz is the epicenter of the fourth wave in Bolivia. Just yesterday, this department reported 4,376 infected people, out of 6,149 positive cases in the country. The eastern capital had 71.16% of all cases nationwide.

Wilfredo Anzoátegui, president of Santa Cruz Medical College, in contact with Red Uno, said this explosion of cases is reducing the capacity of hospital care due to the number of patients arriving at health centers.

He said the government hired 348 health professionals a few months ago, but that number had dropped to 200 last month.

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Regarding the declaration of the national emergency, Anzoátegui stated that “we hope that these measures will strengthen health services” and that “we will take the word of the Vice Minister (for Health) and hope that they will strengthen us and give us the human resources to order to meet this fourth wave ”.

He claimed that the latest numbers suggest that the Omicron variant is present in the country as the contagion is massive and the incubation period is no longer 7 days but 3 days.

“The contagion is faster, with the symptoms we have are manifestations of the omicron that lead to our capacity being exceeded at some point,” he said.

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The Ministry of Health has ruled out this variant based on official studies.

Regarding the complaints that doctors in several hospitals in Santa Cruz do not want to treat the population, Anzoátegui confirms that this is not true and that the hospitals are “full” and the doctors are unable to visit all patients quickly.

“It’s not that we don’t want to take part, it’s that there are no human resources. If you go to the San Juan de Dios (hospital) it will be full, ”he said.

Anzoátegui called for the biosafety control measures, vaccination brigades and other measures to be strengthened.


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