Santa Cruz confirms that the Omicron variant is in circulation and that the demand for anticovid tests is increasing

Santa Cruz is suffering again from the coronavirus (Covid-19) onslaught in the fourth wave of the pandemic. After the Christmas party, the demand for nasal antigen tests increased due to the increase in infections. The autonomous city government assured that the Omicron variant was already in circulation.

As of Monday, the department’s health service registered 1,937 new cases of Covid-19 in the department, the highest number during the pandemic. Positive cases increased by 38%, which would be the highest value compared to other time periods.

In this scenario, the demand from citizens to take the test against the coronavirus also increased. The day before at 3:30 p.m. there were no more tests at the virus detection posts because supplies were exhausted.

After the Christmas party, local authorities activated new coronavirus diagnostic points, one of these new locations is the Cambodrome. That Tuesday, the Unitel network reported long lines.

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Santa Cruz de la Sierra Community Health Secretary Roberto Vargas attributed the surge in infections to low public awareness during the Christmas party.

Likewise, he said that “although it has not been typed by the Ministry of Health, we understand that it is the omicron because its increase and (the) growth (of the cases) is vertical,” said Vargas, stating that one test of this is the “high positivity rate” of the cases.

The Ministry of Health has ruled out the occurrence of the new Omicron variant in Bolivia in the past few days. However, Vargas said the behavior as cases increased was an indication that the problem was already circulating in Santa Cruz.

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He also said the department is also facing other pathologies, such as flu, which has the same symptoms as Covid-19 and dengue.

In this scenario, the municipality ordered the installation of a new virus detection point in Cambodromo for drivers. In addition to the 11 positions in different locations in the city and four mobile teams.

The official also pointed out that despite a high percentage of positivity, the death rate is low. He stated that the intensive care units were not full and that they also had beds in the hospital centers.

He urged the population to stay in their homes, avoid crowds, wear a mask and distance themselves. He also reminded that the bans on partying for the New Year are in place.


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