Santa Cruz: Auditor detects irregularities in city cleaning contracts

A report from the State Comptroller General points to irregularities in the new city cleaning contracts signed by the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office.

The Audit Office has sent a letter to the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Jhonny Fernández, and the President of the Municipal Council, Israel Alcócer, in which it respects the system of guarantees set out in the terms of the contract and that it complies with the regulations of the country.

The note refers to “the irregularity in the change in a sufficient guarantee for the performance of the contract made in the basic contract document on the withholding of 7% of the total amount of the contract for the withholding of 7% on each payment, that is, made,” reported The Duty.

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The Comptroller Office advises that this change would place the Santa Cruz (Emacruz) municipal cleaning company and the people of Santa Cruz in a vulnerable position.

For the opposition Councilor Manuel Saavedra (Democrats), this change to the terms of the contract reflects that “they thought more about the company than society,” according to the Santa Cruz media.

Saavedra explains the role this warranty must perform and the importance of regulatory compliance. “If the winning company fails to meet its contractual obligations, the community should use this guarantee to hire an alternate service while the contract is being terminated,” says the City Councilor.

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When the guarantee was backed up by withholdings, the municipality did not have the emergency resources to use in the event of a private operator failure.

“Mamén” Saavedra reckons that the monthly deductibles of 7% would only be enough for three days of care in the city.


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