Samuel Doria Medina's sister will be released, according to her testimony before the prosecutor

Samuel Doria Medina’s sister was released and returned home after testifying before prosecutors on a 2018 case.

“Perhaps there was a misinterpretation of the trip she made from Santa Cruz, where she was arrested. The purpose of the arrest is for her to come to the prosecutor’s office and make her statement, as she just did, ”said María Lourdes lawyer Doria Medina Auza in contact with Bolivisión.

“She was able to clarify and clarify in front of the state ministry representative, the public prosecutor, that the reason for her trip was health reasons,” he added.

The lawyer added that Doria Medina Auza would have to start the trip the following week “because it is very important for his health” and ruled out that his client wanted to leave the country permanently.

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Regarding the case in which Samuel Doria Medina’s sister was arrested, the lawyer pointed out that no statement could be made as the investigation was just beginning.

This afternoon, the National Director of the Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc), Alberto Aguilar, reported that an arrest warrant had been carried out for alleged crimes of illicit enrichment and legitimation of illegal income.

The businessman’s sister and head of National Unity (UN) made an informative statement on a 2018 case regarding the creation of an allegedly irregular company with ties in Panama.


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