Samuel Doria Medina's sister is arrested in Santa Cruz

Samuel Doria Medina’s sister was arrested this afternoon at Viru Viru Airport in Santa Cruz and charged with the alleged crimes of illicit enrichment and legitimation of illegal income.

“An immigration warning was triggered, which is why employees of the Felcc de Santa Cruz have complied with an arrest warrant against Ms. María Lourdes Doria Medina Auza and others for the offenses of illicit enrichment of people to the detriment of the state and the legitimation of illicit profits,” reported the national Director of the Special Unit for the Fight against Crime (Felcc), Alberto Aguilar.

According to a publication by the state media BTV, the sister of the businessman and head of the Unidad Nacional (UN) was transferred to the city of La Paz.

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Aguilar stated that those arrested intended to leave the country for the United States, at which point the immigration warning was issued.

The director of the Felcc reiterated that the woman had an insightful testimony on a 2018 case regarding the creation of an allegedly irregular company with ties in Panama.


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