Samuel Doria Medina leaves the Head of National Unity

Samuel Doria Medina decided to step aside and leave the headquarters of the National Unity (UN).

“Today we will also make history because I will be the first founder and president of a constitutional party and I will not be re-elected in this Congress. I will continue to actively participate, but will not hold on to my previous position. Other colleagues leave the path and hopefully other colleagues so that they can direct the fortunes of the Unidad Nacional ”, explained the founder of this political shop.

Doria Medina also referred to the management of Luis Arce (MAS) and criticized the economic model.

“We see that the Arce model can no longer work. The sooner the country understands, the less suffering it will cause. We have to be able to explain the need for a new model to the population, ”he reflected

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“We cannot believe that growth will be based on investing in loss-making public companies. The new model is to unite urban and rural entrepreneurs with the strength that the state could have if its businesses were reorganized. What we want to build ourselves is a land of the owners and for that there has to be support for entrepreneurs, ”he added.

Today the UN is holding its sixth National Congress, which brings together around 400 delegates from across the country. On the agenda is that the new national leadership will be elected today.

The meeting will be held virtually and has Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) approval, the appeal said.

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